Our Coaches

A.I.M Football and Sports is not only ultimately defined by our quality of work, but also by the excellence of our coaches. It is because of them that we are recognised for providing high-quality fun football and Multi-sports sessions. We are very proud to have a team of coaches who come from diverse backgrounds, individually with something unique to offer.

Our staff has devoted a considerable amount of time and commitment to help accomplish what we have, as we all have one common A.I.M which is to give each and every child the best possible chance to excel.

All our exceedingly trained outstanding coaches are FA qualified, FA Safeguarded, FA Child Protected, First Aid Trained and DBS checked to ensure all children are in the best possible care. To ensure we maintain the highest possible standard of coaching we encourage and support the personal development of all our coaches, as children will hugely benefit from the growth, development and expertise of our coaches. All our staff takes pride in being reliable, organised, punctual and hard working.