We offer PPA sessions which are curricular linked, physical and classroom based educational activities which we can also alter and deliver to suit your schools individual needs. Our sessions are all structured and child centred activities which are challenging yet achievable.

Children take part in fitness circuits, balance and co-ordination activities throughout the day. Through these activities children are able to learn the importance and benefits of regular exercise.

A.I.M Football and Sports comprehend that children develop at different stages, and with this knowledge we are highly trained and have paramount experience, in dealing with all levels of abilities and all types of personalities, so that all children can reach their maximum potential in and out of the classroom. This all links perfectly into the session, creating an action packed FUN filled learning experience!


A.I.M’s breakfast clubs are a fantabulous way to get children prepped, ready and energised for the day ahead. We talk to the children about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and engage in activities that focus on improving their social skills. The sessions we deliver are entertaining and tailored to the children’s individual needs.


Our lunchtime clubs are a great way to keep children active through lunch time while continuing their learning, development and most importantly improving fitness levels while enjoying themselves and socialising with friends.


Our After-school multi sports club is an excellent way for children to gain confidence, improve their skills and become more comfortable with sports. Our club teaches pupils about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, they learn lots of new skills and also how to be more enthusiastic about sports and fitness. We offer a range of sports including Football, Basketball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Tag-rugby, Netball, Dance, Athletics and Fitness Circuit Clubs.