A.I.M Football and Sports, which is abbreviated for Ambition Inspires Motivation, is an educational sports and recreation business. Founded in 2013 by Mr Ade Mack as a means to provide children with the platform to be the best they can be, aiding their ambition by inspiring their motivation – A.I.M

We pursue our A.I.M through instilling values such as hard work, ambition, dedication, discipline, diversity and unity through sports.

We offer a wide range of sports based services within the Greenwich and Kent borough and are proud to say we currently engage with over 450 children a week through our diverse programs.

Our services are a great opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to experience high-quality structured sessions. Understanding that each child works and learns differently, whether it is visual, verbal, kinesthetic or social our sessions are altered to suit every child’s needs whilst being fun and effective. This creates the ultimate learning environment where children can fulfil and excel their potential.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Therefore our excellence is not an act but a habit’’.